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AuthorTube Channels

I can't pick just one or two topics or videos so I'm sharing my favorite channels. The videos on these channels are great tools for learning and you can and should support these people if you are looking at writing your own book.

These authors/editors on YouTube have spent lots of time and energy creating videos that help inspire me and others.

Be sure to subscribe to their channels and like the videos that help you on your own journey. There are many more.


These are just a few authors that I follow that have helped me through my own journey.

Brittany Wang
Although Brittany is not published as of yet, she has some good writing knowledge and helps others with their own writing journey. She has became a good Christian friend. She also creates websites for others and is the creator of the "Website Boot Camp".
Ellen Brock
Ellen is a professional freelance editor with seven years of experience whom also worked as the head editor at Musa Publishing. She has some great help videos on writing and editing your manuscripts for writing better books.
Jenna Moreci
Jenna is the bestselling author of "The Savior’s Champion" and "The Savior's Sister". She is also a great Youtuber known as the Cyborg Queen with tons of how to videos on writing and publishing books. She is an author that has inspired me also.
Katlyn Duncan
Katlyn is a traditionally published author of 7 different books. She loves writing and helping other authors. Her AuthorTube channel is like most, she enjoys giving her take on how to become a better author. I really enjoy her videos. 
Kim Chance
Kim is also a traditionally published author and has currently 2 books and has been a mentor in the "Author Mentor Match" on Twitter. She is a fierce writer and enjoys the process. Most of her videos are on her own writing journey and they are helpful.
Mandi Lynn
Mandi is the author of five published books as of this posting. She not only writes but mentors over on Patreon and is the owner of StoneRidgeBooks and designs book covers as well.
Meg Latorre
First, Meg formerly worked at a literary agency and knows a lot about the traditional publishing world. She has some great wisdom in her videos of the writing world and is owner of iWriterly.
Melissa Frey
Melissa is a published author of fiction and nonfiction. Her channel has a lot of helpful how to videos. She is also the owner and educator at "Indie Author Learning". She teaches not just to write and publish but also how to have a better social media presence.
Savannah J. Goins
Savannah is an entrepreneurial speaker and fantasy novelist known as the dragon wrangler as an exotic animal veterinary technician. As an author and AuthorTuber she is honest and transparent in her videos teaching things she has learned. 

Helpful Documents


Here, I share documents I created for you to use in your own writing journey.

In time there will be more as I create them.

Do you want to write a nonfiction book or a self-help book? They are not written the same as fiction novels and children's picture books. They are formatted and written differently in all aspects. Here, I give you an example outline of how to write a nonfiction Bible based self-help book. You can modify it to write non Christian book as well.

Above I share an outline I use for all my nonfiction books. Here I share the one I use for my fiction books as a pantser (no outline/plotting).

Are you a published author or an upcoming author? A worldwide famous author once said that it is vital to have a mailing list. Here is mine for you to use. Modify it for your own use but do not share it with others.

Are you writing a novel or children's picture book? Good proper characters help to make sure your reader doesn't list your book under DNF (did not finish). I have read books I did not finish. Character development is crucial for keeping readers engaged in your story. Here is a character sheet I created.

Are you writing a children's picture book? Do you need to know how to upload pictures to your document so you can have a ready document with illustrations for your self-publishing website or for your publisher? Here are some instructions on doing just that. I give instructions for MS Word since that is what I use.


Favorite Craft Books

These books are great resources for writing and publishing books, whether you're writing fiction or nonfiction. I am NOT an Amazon affiliate. I share what I know and approve of; however, you CAN click the picture for the purchase links.

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