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The phrase opening your eyes is not speaking of physically opening your eyes. This is like opening your heart. I'm speaking of seeing things in a different perspective to the world. Lots of people around the wold only see what they want to see or what is in their tiny circles in life. We as people typically do not see what is going on outside of these circles. This is not just about history but also view points. I cannot see things from a black man's eyes, an Italian's eyes, a politician's eyes, a teacher's eyes.

This is not about race, culture, career, this post is deeper than that.

As a people in 2020, we need to see things through the eyes of Jesus! In order to do that we need to believe in him and trust him as savior for the forgiveness and redemption of our sins. People in our country (USA) are protesting and rioting, and all for the wrong reasons. It all started for racism and prejudices due to the death of a criminal. No, he should not have died, but the fact is he was not innocent. Fact is people are destroying the country due to this and no one is rioting and protesting over the white children that are being killed by black men.

Again, this has nothing to do with race. The fact is that if people see other people with love and compassion like Jesus sees them, none of this would be going on. Politicians, mostly democratic ones, try to get rid of church and preaching and the Bible. We have taken Ten Commandments out of court houses. We have taken prayer out of schools. Our money says "In God We Trust". Our country was built on Christian values. Liberals have taken God out of our country.

As sinful human beings with free will, and Americans with rights, we have turned our country into a dreadful place. Yes, I still believe we are the greatest nation in the world; however, we are slowly destroying the country from within.

At this time we need more God, more prayer, not less. In this Covid-19 time, churches have been demanded to shut down and are still now open at 25%. Now we need to open our eyes to sin and realize the only way to fix our country is through Jesus.

"If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land." 2 Chronicles 7:14.

We need more prayer in this land. There are so many examples in the Bible that show where when the people turn to God, he will bless them. So many people refuse God, refuse Jesus. The problem is that science and history prove God and creation. Not only that, but, it takes less faith to believe in Jesus as Lord then it does to believe in these secular beliefs. Also, what harm does it do to you if you believe? One way I personally put it to unbelievers is "I'd rather believe and it not be true and lose nothing, than not believe and it be true and end up in hell." I honestly believe, but that's a simple way to show them how simple believing is.

Faith is hard and has to be grown, but belief is so easy. In fact, the devil believes but is in hell. When you believe in and have faith in and trust in Jesus Christ as Lord for forgiveness of your own sins, and savior of your life, you then are saved and get to go to Heaven when you die or when Jesus returns to Earth, which ever comes first.

In conclusion, open your eyes to the Jesus's love, open your ears and hear to the gospel and choose Jesus. When you love people like he does, you won't be rioting and destroying property and people. If you allow Jesus to rule your heart, you'll become a better and nicer person. I pray you all choose him. We need prayer and we need Christian people in charge to fix our country as they are guided by God, unbelievers trying to do their own thing guided by their sinful selfish desires.

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