If you can, do, if you can't, pray!

Today in our country we see nothing but chaos and anarchy. This will not solve anything. Breaking the law always makes things worse. Why is such treachery happening within our country? Well many will say because of racism, discrimination or police brutality, but the fact is that the ratio of these things happening in reality is smaller than displayed on the media. The fact is non of this has to to with black lives and racism since they are destroying black lives by destroying these business. The tearing down of monuments and statues is happening all over, to include statues like the President Lincoln statue and other non-confederate statues. Petitioning to have them removed is people's right, but tearing them down on their own is a felony.

The thing is that people are destroying our country and doing it in the name of change and equality. The problem is we are all human and thus life will never be equal or fair, never. There have been laws against racism and discrimination for years and it can't change people's hearts. In order to change our country, we have to change ourselves. Breaking laws won't make or entice anyone to change for the better.

With my title saying "If you can, do, if you can't, pray" I am saying that if you cannot positively make a difference, don't do anything, or pray. Becoming a domestic terrorist by destroying business, burning business, stealing from businesses, burning people alive, shooting cops and random people is definitely 100% not a positive effect and will bring no change but anger in the people and government. This trash that is being propaganda by the far left and media is destroying our nation, not fixing it. I won't name organizations but if a group is harming people or threatening harm, they are terrorists.

If you believe in God, the best thing you can do is pray and stand up for our rights. All rights, not just selective rights. Stand up for all law abiding citizens, not just one group of people. Protect your communities and do not negotiate with terrorists. Trust in the Lord to keep a hedge of protection around you. If you can't make a change, pray for those that can. I would recommend, not going out and walking for miles screaming and chanting. That's not peaceful as it is disturbing the peace as well as keeping people from their daily lives when they need to travel blocked roads and go do business in businesses in those streets. Petition politicians, vote for people that closely resemble the Word of God and never give up an inch to the devil.

Yes, this is more of a "here and now in today's time" blog. It doesn't have much to do with learning a lesson or talking about my author platform or books. For that I am sorry. This is something that needs to be said.

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