Every battle is part of the war; more wisdom, less sorrow.

We are going through a rough time right now all over the world and within our country. There have been unnecessary deaths and people are not happy.

The thing is people have never been happy about everything and never will be. We can't please everyone. We must pick and choose what battles we face. When it comes to this world, we need to pick and choose what is worth the battle. Depending on what our choice to do in the battle is also should be a factor. Breaking the law should never be an option. You can't fight for your cause while in prison or dead.

As far as the spiritual battles we face, we must fight them all and never give an inch. We can choose not to fight a battle against a parent, coworker, boss or politician, but when it comes to the spiritual battles there is no decision, you must fight. When we give in and start giving ground against the devil, it won't stop at one. He is mighty and will continue to take away and destroy us.

A battle I fight is "imposter syndrome." You may not see it as a spiritual battle but it has an aspect you may have not thought of. With imposter syndrome you believe you are not worthy of what ever it is, like worthy to be called an author for example. The fact is God doesn't give you a spirit of doubt. That comes from the devil. If you are a child of God, a believer and follower of Jesus Christ, you are worthy of everything he wants for you.

I personally believe he wants me to be a Christian author, writing Bible based books. I may have no degree in anything, much less in literature, English, or creative writing. I may not have finished high school, and have no qualifications to write books. However, if God wants me to write books, He is the only qualification I need. He will provide me the wisdom and knowledge of what to write.

Regardless what struggles and battles you face in life, in the spiritual sense, do not give up any ground God has given you. If he gave you the victory over lust, alcoholism, drugs, pride or what ever it is; do not lose that ground and fall back into your old ways. You have changed as you allowed the potter to mold you and change you into a better person. I urge you to no regress.

In 1 Chronicles 11:10-15, it speaks of King David's mighty men standing their ground. In 1 Corinthians 16:13 it speaks of standing your ground. In James 4:7-8 it speaks of growing closer to God and He will grow closer to you.

we must let Jesus be the shelter in time of storm, our rock divine, our refuge dear. Turning to Jesus may not solve our problems but it will give us peace during the trials, and give us the blessed hope of going to Heaven with this life is over.

The more wisdom we gain and the more we apply the less sorrow we will have in life. Many times when i did not exercise wisdom but did dumb selfish things i had sorrow afterward. Whether you spend too much money or did something else dumb that is not wise, it creates a little sorrow. For example, i recently purchased some stickers for my author platform. I did not research different companies and find the best deal. The very next day when i was looking at companies for bookmarks I realized I could have spent less money on the same product that I did the day before if I would have just looked around.

James 1:5 "If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him." Experience can give wisdom depending on what experience it is; however, the father of all wisdom is God. Just pray and ask. Just seek his face.

With wisdom we will know when to fight and how to fight. Like is said, more wisdom, less sorrow.

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