Depressed, want help?

Do you feel down? Have you hit the end of your road? Do you feel dead inside or trapped? Do you feel invisible?

We all feel this way at times. In fact I'm feeling this way right now (during writing this). The difference between Martin in 2017 and back and today's Martin is that I know what to do now.

Before, I would get depressed with these feelings and emotions. Before, I would cry and want to die. Before, I attempted a permanent solution to temporary problems.

Look friends, if you are feeling down there is an answer, look toward Jesus. Find the cross of Christ, because God can help heal you. Only Jesus can save your soul, and problems like these are deep to the bones.

I lived with depression for around 90% of my life span. Even when I would smile and laugh, deep down I was hiding my feelings of guilt, despair, hatred toward myself, sadness, overwhelm, fear, anger at life, etc. Even when I was at my wedding, even at the birth of my daughter, there was something inside me telling me that this wasn't real, that happiness doesn't exist.

Can I give you some help I learned from a holy book of wisdom and love, the Bible. Jesus cares. Jesus loves you unconditionally. Jesus will never leave you.

Would you like this help? I have some great words of wisdom I took form that book and some other words I gained from my own experience and from lots and lots of prayer. Check out my book, "Overcoming Depression Through His Word". There is lots of scripture and wisdom in this little 74 page Bible based self-help book.

I tell you about my story, not all but enough to get the gist. I explain how the Word of God and my faith in Jesus Christ was the only thing that helped me overcome my own depression. You can get my book on Amazon or B&N. Purchase links below.

To learn more you can see my website bio and read my other blogs for some good life lessons in a deep biblical view point. Would you just like someone to listen without judging? I'm there. Would you like help learning more about biblical views on life situations? I'm there. Just email me and I'll listen and help how ever I can.

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Please check out my book.

Depression is something that most people experience at one point or another. During this time of life, life can be hard to live. Some people attempt to hide it from others, while others have trouble coping with life situations and have trouble with everyday tasks such as personal self-care.

This book will show how the author had gone through depression for many years and teaches how he allowed his faith in God to conquer that depression in his own life. These teachings are meant to help others overcome their own depression while letting them know they are not alone in their struggle.

Can be purchased at: Amazon, Barnes And Noble, and Apple Books. Please consider leaving an Amazon Review if you choose to purchase and read my book.

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