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Updated: May 6, 2020

This is a bonus post for the week. I am sharing a book update. My book cover has been designed and approved.

My book as you know is a Bible based self-help book on overcoming depression. It is being published by Christian Faith Publishing (CFP). They did everything from my editing to formatting and cover design. They have more to them than that of course. My book is 5.5" x 8.5" and 74 pages long. It has 8 chapters to it. The paperback will be sold for $12.95 and the ebook for $9.99. I am not doing hard cover copies at this moment. I will be looking into an audio book version after the book is released.

Part of my life story of how I struggled with depression for many years is in this book showing that I have been there, and have the sympathy to help others overcome by sharing how I overcame. For me counseling and medications did not help. Readers should keep an open mind and understand that this is not a cure but an assist, also readers should not stop any professional medical or mental health treatments without speaking to their provider.

My book is currently in print production for my author copies. Once I receive my author copies and approve them, then my book can be set for mass distribution. CFP is partnered with Ingram for distribution. This means it will be available through different retailers across the country as well as online. The estimated time frame for my book release is sometime in February 2020.

Remember this is my very first book so please, if you purchase and read it, keep an open mind and try not to judge it too harshly. I am still learning my craft and how to write better and become a better author while maintaining the integrity of my platform and Christianity beliefs.

For complete honesty and transparency I am terrified no one will like my book or take me seriously as I am young and have no degree in the mental health or a medical field. I have no degree in biblical studies. All I have is my life experience, research and the advice and teachings of more wise people than myself. I pray daily for wisdom and humility. My desire is to stay humble and just write what God puts on my heart as I write to help myself and publish to help others.

I have learned so much just in the short time I have been in the publishing process with my debut book. I wish I could go back and edit and add to and take away, just change my book. I did; however, take into account for my learning and made this book version 1 so I can add little bits. Of course as I grow and mature in my writing journey if I choose to completely overhaul my first book I will definitely let you all know. Of course that would be a long time away if I do change it.

Please check out my book.

Depression is something that most people experience at one point or another. During this time of life, life can be hard to live. Some people attempt to hide it from others, while others have trouble coping with life situations and have trouble with everyday tasks such as personal self-care.

This book will show how the author had gone through depression for many years and teaches how he allowed his faith in God to conquer that depression in his own life. These teachings are meant to help others overcome their own depression while letting them know they are not alone in their struggle.

Can be purchased at: Amazon and Barnes And Noble. Please consider leaving an Amazon Review if you choose to purchase and read my book.

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