Book cover release day.

Today I share my book cover with you all. My lesson based children's picture book series book one, Stories from the Heritage Friends: Mark and his Fibbing, book comes out August 1st. I am not doing a pre-sale, but I will be having release week incentives.

If you order a book during the first week take a screen shot of your receipt and send it to me via email with your address and I will send you a free set of bookmarks and stickers.

I have purchased stickers for both website logos and made a bookmark for each of the 6 book characters. I am also thinking of ordering rubber wristbands.

The book synopsis:

Mark was grounded and was not allowed to go to the park. He lied to his mom about where he was going. He then had to learn the hard way that being bad has consequences. Luckily he had his friends to help him through it and his bad decision. With love and aftereffect he learned lying is not good.

On August 1st, on release day I will be sharing the lesson for book two. It is currently with my illustrators and will be released in the fall.

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Please check out my book.

Depression is something that most people experience at one point or another. During this time of life, life can be hard to live. Some people attempt to hide it from others, while others have trouble coping with life situations and have trouble with everyday tasks such as personal self-care.

This book will show how the author had gone through depression for many years and teaches how he allowed his faith in God to conquer that depression in his own life. These teachings are meant to help others overcome their own depression while letting them know they are not alone in their struggle.

Can be purchased at: Amazon, Barnes And Noble, and Apple Books. Please consider leaving an Amazon Review if you choose to purchase and read my book.

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