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Newsletter Theme

My monthly newsletter will be built in a similar fashion as my blog, Helping Heart Blog. I am here to help people. The difference is my newsletter will be more of an update to my writing progress and how my life is going with my books. I will be giving updates on my books and a little about how I’m doing with my author journey. There will be news and events posted as they come about. Every month I will share a topic I will speak on. Each month I will choose a quote from my upcoming book, newly released book or one of my works in progress “WIPS” as a teaser. I will also give a self-spoken quote as I pray and seek wisdom in my life. As you see below I will give book recommendations I will change out every couple months.The links below the books are links to amazon for purchasing the books; however they are affiliate links and Anything you purchase within 24-hours of clicking on my links I will get a very small portion of that. It is like supporting me as an author in other ways than just purchasing my books and leaving reviews on Amazon and Goodreads. Unlike most authors I follow on social media, I am not posting "teaching how to videos" on writing and publishing, My author platform is built on sharing life lessons. My intention is to have more of a life coach sort of vibe, just an inspirational and motivational way to say you're not alone, that here are some ways to do things to learn from me instead of the hard way, the way I had to learn.

Who am I?


Hello, my name is Martin Marquez. I am an Army veteran and devout Christian. I attend an independent fundamental Baptist church. All that means is that the Bible is the basis for our beliefs and behaviors. I am a dad, son, brother, and friend. I enjoy helping people anyway I can. My books are either Bible based or lesson based.

Overcoming Depression Through His Word


The upcoming release of my debut book has been so exciting to me. I have been writing in one form or another for most of my life. This first book means a lot to me as I have given an insight to my life and how I overcame my own long-term depression in order to write this book. My publisher says it will be February for my release.

My synopsis:


Depression is something that most people experience at one point or another. During this time of life, life can be hard to live. Some people attempt to hide it from others; while others have trouble coping with life situations, and have trouble with everyday tasks such as personal self-care. This book will show how the author had gone through depression for many years, and teaches how he allowed his faith in God to conquer that depression in his own life. These teachings are meant to help others overcome their own depression while letting them know they are not alone in their struggle.

Book Recommendations

Book Quote


"Stress is a given,

stressing is an option"

-Chaplain Jared

Vineyard, US Army



Personal Quote


"Lack of hope is lack of

life so seek Jesus whom

gives all hope for life.

Jesus will bring to life

what is dead."

-Martin A. Marquez Jr.



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