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Ω1. What moved you to write this book?

I had been struggling with depression for a long time. After lots of counseling and medication I had no where else to turn to but my faith in God. My pastor, Matt Hudson, had encouraged me to write about my depression and what the Bible says about it, and overcoming. Once I chose to accept that faith in Jesus Christ was the only way I would get the victory, I begin to dig deep into the Word of God and learn what He has to say about the topic. Through my research and faith in Jesus, now giving it all to Him, I actually began to see improvement and growth. So to answer the question, shortly, my desire to not live depressed forever moved me to write this book so it can help others in the same situations.

Ω2. Did the book do anything to change who you are as a person or writer?

Yes, I had to overcome my own depression in order to write a book on how to overcome depression. I had to dig deep inside my psyche and learn what it was about my past and my personality that was keeping me in a constant state of depression. This actually became much worse before it was better. I had to mentally and emotionally go back to my childhood and my time in the Army as well other times in my life and see exactly what happened, and how I perceived those specific life situations and how i wish to perceive it now as an adult. I had to do a lot of soul searching per se.

Writing this book as taught me a lot about authors. Writing books is not just about putting words onto paper, or a document. Writing a book in tells much more and is harder than it looks. I have learned how to outline and to an extent of what it means to teach. It took me over a year to write this little book, not just because I was depressed but I had to learn that even though I can put words on paper, I could not teach someone something I did not know (though many people do that). I learned how much of a task it is to actually sit and write. The thought process and deep thought it takes is more than a normal thought life. I definitely have more appreciation and respect for authors and those that teach or preach on a regular basis.

Ω3. Do you see this book as a help to you in the future?

Yes, there will always be times that I will feel sad or down. I just have to remember what I have been through and much more remember how God brought me through them. As I get discouraged I have read this book again and again before it even came out just to take my own advice on overcoming.

Ω4. Would you say that this book can help non-Christians?

Absolutely, this book is not just Biblical but contains medical and literary references as well. Even if you are not a Christian you can take the Bible verses and consider them quotes. There are many inspirational quotes that have biblical teachings though they are not biblical scripture. 

Ω5. As a self-help book, what do you desire for readers to take way from it?

I wish for readers to realize they are not alone and that there are many people dealing with depression, sadness, discouragement and other negative emotions. These are people that are not to be looked down upon but helped. We should never look down on anyone unless to put a hand out and pull them up. As a society we have grown accustomed to keeping to ourselves and saying things like "that's not my problem" but when our neighbor is hurting we should give love and help them. That is the purpose of my author platform, to help those in need.

Ω6. Why should readers read your book?

Though I don't possess a degree in social work, psychology or even a degree in biblical studies, what i possess is a doctorate from the School of Hard Knocks. I have the life experience for the sympathy and empathy for others' situations. I have learned basically everything the hard way. Being forced to grow up so young without a childhood has given me much advantage over the life experience avenue of being able to help people.

Ω7. Do you ever plan on writing a second version of this book?

While most self-help books are over 200 pages, and some over 400 pages, my book is a mere 74 pages. The reason I chose to write my book shorter than the rest is because if someone is clinically depressed and they are given a gigantic book to read to overcome their depression they will feel overwhelmed and not be able to read it.  With that being said, as I learn more and grow more I will have more to add to that book. There is always more to say. I just want to say as much as possible in as few words as possible. I did leave the possibility for over versions in the copyright page of my book.

Ω8. What other books do you have planned for readers?

My current WIP (work in progress) is another Bible based self-help book. It is on growing or maturing into having an excellent spirit or a great attitude. You may say, "I don't have a bad attitude" and that is wonderful but my book goes  deeper than your current attitude. It goes into your heart and even your thought life. "For out of the heart comes your action and thoughts".

I am also working on a lesson based children's picture book series . This series revolves around a group of 6 friends, 3 boys and 3 girls. They all have their quirks and personalities and being that they are ages 8-10, they have a lot to learn still.

Ω9. Where can readers get updates about your books and author journey?

I have a blog page, Helping Heart Blog, where I will occasionally post about my books or author journey. The best place to get updates is through my author newsletter, which you can subscribe to below or at the bottom of any page on my site. My social media pages will contain updates at times as well. Each page has a different purpose.

Ω10. What does your blog and newsletter contain?

My blog is a way to share helpful articles per se. I will write about different topics that hopefully will be a blessing to others in times of need. I will post a blog twice a month. My blogs will revolve around the platform of teaching life lessons. I will have various other topics now and then.

My newsletter is more personal as it goes to subscriber's email once a month. I share more about the status of my books and author journey there, than my blog. I will share quotes from my books as well as personal quotes. As my books begin to publish and I begin having bookish events such as book signings and possibly conventions down the road, those events will be posted via the monthly newsletter.

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